Gay & LGBT Agenda – May 23rd, 2015

Seven items in total…

U.S: Parents enraged over planned lessons on “sexual fluidity and spectrum” – the idea that there’s no such thing as 100 percent boys or 100 percent girls

Canada: Mother claims her five year-old “daughter” is having nightmares and panic attacks “because she identifies as a girl, but the Catholic school board has insisted she use a separate, gender-neutral washroom”

Scotland: Church of Scotland General Assembly votes to allow congregations to appoint gay ministers who are in “civil partnerships

U.S: Scouts for Equality executive director praises “positive development” as Boy Scouts of America President says he “does not plan to revoke the charters of Boy Scout councils that allow gay leaders”

Canada: Toronto District School Board investigates after “safer” bondage, dominance and sado-masochism pamphlet handed out to students

Ulster: Belfast bakery found guilty of discrimination in “Support Gay Marriage” cake refusal – sentence to follow

U.S: Supreme Court expected to issue ruling in June declaring homosexual marriage to be a “right” under the Constitution