Canada: Education and the “Confucius Institute” spy agencies

“…there is publicly available information stating clearly that Western counter-intelligence agencies have identified Confucius Institutes as forms of spy agencies used by the [Chinese] government and employed by the [Chinese] government… A common strategy used by the Confucius Institute in many countries over the years was manipulating political views and comments by means of political infiltration.” (*)

I recently came across this excellent analysis, published last month, about how the Confucius Institutes aggressively pursue “the relentless promotion of Chinese ethnic interests and colonization of Canada by using the pro-diversity ideas nurture (sic) by white naive liberals”.

Pamela Gough of the Toronto District School Board is reported as saying during debate on a motion to terminate the TDSB Confucius Institute programs in October last year: “If the Chinese government is attempting to infiltrate us, we have to resist with all our might”…(**).

Seriously aggravating this problem is the ease with which Canadian educational institutions have become dependent on the money received from the Chinese government for fee-paying students; Canada’s government has some six hundred and fifty educational contracts with China’s Education Ministry, and we are told that Chinese officials have not hesitated to warn school trustees and others that dissolving these partnerships would damage their relationship “with their most lucrative market for fee-paying international students.”

This is a disturbing but necessary read, and I highly recommend it.

Jeff Goodall.

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