Muslims and the West – May 30th, 2015

Eight items in total…

U.K: Muslim children as young as five have become so indoctrinated they believe Christmas is “sinful

Belgium: Mayor of Antwerp threatened with death if he does not convert to Islam

U.S: “Convenience store jihad” includes fraudulent coupon redemption, sale of illegal drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, plus food stamp and lottery fraud

Canada: Devout Christian writes of “pleasant visit” to mosque – “taqqiya” exercise in deception?

Italy: ISIS fighters posing as refugees threaten the Colisseum, other landmarks and tourist spots

Canada: Restaurant owners ordered to pay $100,000 to Muslim cooks who refused to taste pork dishes they prepared…

Turkey: An “Empire” in Europe financed using various welfare rip-off strategies by 2070? (If they can join the European Union, it will be a lot faster than that…)

Canada: Catholic church vandalised three times, statue damaged and spray-painted – man charged