Military & Intelligence News – June 17th, 2015

Nine items in total…

U.S: Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office reviews plans for a “B-3 bomber

North Korea: Missile advances and submarine launch capability will pose a serious threat to the West

U.K: Russian aggressiveness may result in U.S. nuclear missiles being based in Britain again

U.S: Is “political correctness” destroying morale? – “They want to be in the Army, not a Gloria Steinem encounter group”

Russia: Was the new T-14 main battle tank built using Western technology?

U.K: Fake mobile phone towers intercepting cellphone communications across London – police, foreign intelligence, criminals…?

U.S: Navy Secretary wants more female marines – “…because a more diverse force is a stronger force”

NATO: U.S. preparing to move “heavy weaponry” into Baltic States and Eastern Europe

U.S: Alarming gaffs put Seal Team Six in danger – 15 were killed in helicopter shoot-down