Children’s Aid Society adopts “anti-oppressive practice”

“We are committed to anti-oppressive practice in which we challenge the impacts of power and privilege, eliminate barriers, and are inclusive of the broad range of diversity in our community… This is a place where human rights are respected, and where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and queer people, and their families, friends and allies are welcomed and supported.” – Durham Children’s Aid Society website.

According to a story in Oshawa This Week, “(Durham CAS Executive Director) Ms. Secord is quoted as saying that the CAS has taken a number of steps, starting with hiring an internal anti-oppressive expert, and has developed a comprehensive infrastructure within staff based on committee and program development.” (My emphasis).

We are also told on the Durham CAS home-page that, as of March 31st this year, “The Durham Children’s Aid Society is currently seeking candidates for its Board of Directors who reflect the diversity of the community the Society works with…” (my emphasis).

Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard, a Professor at Dalhousie University and “an internationally recognized AOP expert and advocate”, spoke at the launch, and I am providing a link to her Dalhousie University profile website page as it clearly indicates the direction this initiative towards “anti-oppressive practice” is likely to take…

I really can’t say much more about this, except that my taxes are helping to pay for it, and nobody ever asked me how I feel about it…

More to the point, who does the Durham CAS answer to? The short answer is that they answer to the Ontario Liberal Government, headed by openly-lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne…

There is a tremendous opportunity opening up for a socially-conservative political leader who will pull these self-righteous people-planners out of their publicly-funded sandboxes, and tell them to go and find one of their own.

We have around three more years before we have a chance to get rid of Wynne, so there is an urgent need for action to be taken NOW.

Here are links to the local press story on this issue, to the Durham CAS website, and to other related information.

Time to act!

Jeff Goodall.

Read “Durham Children’s Aid Society using anti-oppressive practice” (June 18th) here.

Visit the Durham Children’s Aid Society “anti-oppression” website page here.

Visit Dalhousie University’s profile on Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard here.

Find contact information for your Ontario MPP here.

You can contact the party leaders as follows:

Liberal Party –

New Democratic Party – (interim provincial secretary)

Conservative – contact page here.