Obama & America’s Decline – June 25th, 2015

Immigration issues – eight items in total…

Is a third-world America inevitable? “Roe v. Wade can be overturned. Obamacare can be repealed. Amnesty is forever.”

The takeover of America – “illegal aliens vote in numbers sufficient to swing U.S. elections, effectively disenfranchising millions of Americans”

Federal court sides with Texas against Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty – the US has taken in “one-fourth of the population of Mexico

Backlash playbook” implemented as pushback against Muslim refugees grows

The Obama administration has ordered agents to begin ignoring many of the illegal immigrants they encounter in local prisons and jails

Serious threat of epidemics as no action is taken to prevent illegal immigrants with a “communicable disease of public health significance” from entering the country

Former Southern California Edison employees sue the administration over new H-4 rule

The “Engaging Immigrant New York City” campaign follows George Soros’ plan to expand the electorate and loosen voting requirements…