Don Andrews provides ammunition to our enemies…

I rarely provide coverage to “extreme right-wing” persons, but in this case, I think there is a valid reason. The MSM and the rest of our enemies use the sometimes-bizarre ramblings of “extreme rightists” as fodder to put down those of us who care deeply about the continuation and survival of the White race, and personalities such as Donald Clarke Andrews (Vilim Zlomislic) rarely fail to provide our enemies with ammunition.

The following is a copy-and-paste (June 27th – approx. 2:00pm) from the Nationalist Party of Canada website; I see no further comment as being necessary.

Read it all…

Jeff Goodall.


June 23

A white nationalist state (WNS) is declared in Toronto

In the so-called post-racial society, old white racists are no so irrelevant now, when anti-racist liars have been proved wrong by the South Carolina killings of nine church-going blacks by a 21-year-old new recruit to our natural ideology who wanted to start a race war with his outrageous act. White nationalists are praising the “good blacks” who are offering Christian forgiveness to the perpetrator Dylann Roof, who targeted them specifically because they were considered to be innocent types in the black gangsta/rap world permeating lost, racial identity-lacking white youth with their buggy, boring “music.”

Did you ever consider that blacks are more intimidated by white nationalists than any politically-correct anti-racist police force that’s willing to bend over backwards for them unlike in Africa; blacks’/mama-ruled feminist societies just want more goodies from sucker whites and not a black country of their own, like patriarchal “Boko Haram” want. Hopefully, Black Panther leader Chawn Kweli is honest with his desire to set up such a territory as white racists should, too by declaring a white nationalist shadow government state, wherever they are, as I am declaring in Toronto and asking for the allegiance of all white racists in their declared districts. That’s the only way to thwart the ruling regimes’ white traitors, as “ISIS” did in the Middle East with all kinds of “jihadists” pledging their allegiance to their religious ideology across the globe; the Taliban does the same thing in Afghanistan and as the Ku Klux Klan, once known as the Invisible Empire, did in the past.

I’m looking to your allegiance to the White Nationalist State (WNS), with Toronto as its capitol. Wherever you are, you now have a chance to belong and be an ideological citizen of the White Nationalist State in Toronto.”