Gay & LGBT Agenda – July 1st, 2015

Five items this time – and for what it’s worth, I received an e-mail invitation from the Ontario SPCA to “Come visit us and show your PRIDE!” – they were inviting people attending last weekend’s Toronto “Gay Pride” event to drop by a booth they had set up for the occasion.

I think they are getting their priorities mixed up…

Transgender normalization: Virginia school district votes to include “gender identity” in its official non-discrimination policy after threats to withhold federal funding

Ontario: Liberal government to to increase access to gender reassignment surgeries as “increasing demand for the procedure” causes increased wait-times

Tylenol adverts intended to change the face of the American family? – “This is a marketing decision Tylenol will regret”

Alberta’s “Gay-Straight Alliance” agenda: Very informative Canada Family Action update/report

U.S Supreme Court declares nationwide right to same-sex marriage, White House lit up in rainbow colours – see here and here.