Ontario Liberals shamelessly renage on OHIP obligations

This is not the kind of issue I normally spend much time on.

But, once again, a person with a rare illness – sometimes it’s a person who needs extremely expensive medication – is being abandoned by a government that doesn’t hesitate to take in money from everybody, but can be choosey about who it spends it on.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan is compulsory, and is supported by general tax revenues. It is supposed to cover everybody, but the Ontario Liberals in particular seem determined to put up endless obstacles and red tape to avoid paying for persons who will cost far more than they will ever be able to pay in.

In my opinion, we are all required to pay into the system, and in exchange, we should all be able to rest assured that our needs will be met, whether they major or minor.

We are all in this together, as I see it.

This is an interesting if infuriating story, and well worth the read whether one lives in Ontario or anywhere else.

I left England forty-nine years ago to escape from socialism, but I nonetheless believe that some services are best provided by government, and that health insurance is one of them.

And it infuriates me when government takes from us all, and then leaves some to just struggle by themselves.


Jeff Goodall.

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