Obama & America’s Decline – July 24th, 2015

Several Donald Trump-related items.

There seems to be a distinct possibility that Trump can unify White America when it comes to building up resistance to Obama’s policy of opening up the floodgates and crushing White America.  There is no shortage of negatives regarding Trump’s globalist proclivities, but he certainly seems to have the racial issues figured out right.

I suggest that he beef-up his personal security, and stay out of small planes!  Six items in total…

Illegal alien crime is staggering in scope and savagery – “Non-Americans commit over five times more serious crimes per capita than Americans”

Sanctuary cities” – No peace, and no justice…

The bottom line is that he (Trump) somewhat inarticulately brought home a very pertinent point

Latinos now outnumber whites in California – “..as of July 1, 2014, about 14.99 million Latinos live in California, edging out the 14.92 million whites in the state”

There are many more victims of the immigration crisis than Kate Steinle…

There’s no excuse for Obama’s silence on Kate Steinle’s murder – “He picks and chooses the victims he wants to highlight. And apparently, this victim wasn’t deemed worthy…”