Will ‘Bill 59′ allow the QHRC to start its own witch-hunts?

“Bill 59 will permit Muslims to make complaints to the Quebec Human Rights Commission (QHRC) against anyone critiquing Islam or Islamism, triggering lawsuits for hate speech… (and will) give the QHRC the power to initiate legal proceedings before the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal without having to wait for complaints from the public.” (Emphasis added -JG).

In his column “Quebec law would stifle free speech”, Tarek Fatah expresses his concerns about pending legislation that will permit the QHRC to initiate investigations into “hate speech” even in the absence of a complaint from the public.

This opens the door for a legislatively-created and government-funded entity to commence its own witch-hunts as it sees fit, with the power to bring its own, independently-generated “complaints” to the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal, which was created and empowered under the self-same legislation…

According to Wikipedia, Fatah is a self-described “anti-islamofascist” of Pakistani origin, who suggests that “… the idea of an Islamic state is merely a mirage that Muslims have been made to chase for over a millennium.” We are also told that “He was one of the founders of the Muslim Canadian Congress in 2001, after the September 11 attacks and served as its communications director and spokesperson until 2006. In this capacity, he has spoken out against the introduction of Sharia law as an option for Muslims in civil law in Ontario.”

Obviously, he will be a prime target of Bill 59.

There is a great deal more to the Bill than Fatah’s legitimate concerns for his own rights and freedoms. Its sponsors describe it as a plan to fight religious extremism and hate speech, but Parti Quebecois “secularism critic” Agnès Maltais is quoted as saying that “This isn’t fighting against radicalisation. This is a fight against freedom of expression…”

After the Supreme Court ruling declaring the notorious “Section 13“ to be unconstitutional, it is disturbing that any government in Canada would have the nerve to come up with such a vicious piece of anti-free speech legislation.

Bill 59 threatens to persecute and vilify anyone simply for peacefully expressing opinions contrary to those of the “politically correct” people-planners infesting Western civilization, simply on the whim of a politically-zealous bureaucrat; state-sponsored censorship of views and opinions considered contrary to the “public interest”, perhaps…

And as Tarek Fatah so accurately observes, “… some Islamist-promoting organizations and mosques have welcomed Bill 59, notwithstanding the fact they violate it every week when they start their Friday prayers with a ritual invocation that asks, ‘Allah to give Muslims victory over the ‘kufaar’ (Christians, Jews and Hindus).”

Let’s hope that common sense prevails, and Bill 59 will be discarded before it has to be trashed by the Supreme Court in the same manner as its obnoxious predecessor…

Jeff Goodall.

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