“Free speech issues” – August 28th, 2015

Five items in total…

Analysis: Survey finds that “writers living in democratic countries classed as ‘Free’ – in terms of self-expression and related liberties – are self-censoring public and private language at levels nearing those of repressed nations

Alberta: Lawyer and columnist “cited” by Alberta Law Society for “inappropriate and unbecoming” behaviour – for column critical of Alberta Human Rights Commission

Ontario: Pending ruling over alleged “criminal harassment-via-Twitter” could have devastating consequences for free speech

Missouri: New law prohibits public colleges and universities from restricting student speech to tiny, out-of-the-way “free speech zones” – “Opening up campuses for free speech is an important step towards ensuring that colleges and universities continue to produce the robust debates and discussions necessary for learning…”

Canada: Historical analysis of how Jewish interests infiltrated and manipulated the Canadian Nazi Party in order to exert pressure for the introduction of anti-free speech legislation to censor debate on Jewish and Israeli issues – Ezra Levant column, May 2009