To be “politically correct” means to comply with propaganda…

“PC is the engine of the propaganda machine that produces mass delusion. PC is basically a calculated process of molding public opinion through psychological manipulation. The process is twofold: saturation and suppression. Saturation is the practice of repeating a deception relentlessly and injecting it into every corner of public life so that it becomes accepted as truth. It involves control of most communications outlets… Suppression is the PC practice of quashing ideas that compete with the PC message, usually through speech codes, shout-downs, or smears.”

The above quotes are from Stella Morabito’s article “Ten key ways to break the mass delusion machine” posted on The Federalist three days ago. This excellent analysis takes into account that “…it’s more important to understand the processes and methods of (the) propaganda machine itself than to understand the intricacies of all of the issues it has spawned.”

The first time I heard the expression “politically correct” was pehaps twenty years ago during a debate on some issue with the President of my union local. Upon being told that I was “not politically correct”, I responded by saying that “I will decide what is politically correct!”

That was my instinctive response, and in my opinion, the very term “politically correct” is offensive, dictatorial, and reeks of censorship.

Morabito’s article explains the “processes and methods” of how “political correctness” utilizes misrepresentation, subterfuge, and psychology, to condition us to undergo massive and damaging societal changes in the interests of those who would destroy us culturally, politically, and racially.

Political correctness is, in fact, a powerful and blatant instrument of genocide against the White race, and it is essential for our survival that White people come to realise that they are under attack, as no effective resistance will be possible otherwise.

Anybody reading “Ten key ways…” will achieve an invaluable awareness of what is being done to us and how, and will learn how to go about taking effective steps to counter-attack this wicked evil.

I strongly recommend reading this article in its entirety.

Jeff Goodall.

Read “Ten key ways to break the mass delusion machine” here.