“Culture of Entitlement” – September 13th, 2015

Three Canadian examples, all from the Ottawa area…

Liberal MP grovels over “offensive content” in ad congratulating 2015 aboriginal high school graduates as observation that “sobriety, education and hard work lead to success” gets blasted as stereotypical – “I would like to apologize unreservedly for the deeply offensive language in this advertisement”

Appeal court dismisses Canadian Arab Federation bid to overturn federal decision to cut funding – “…the government’s power to use this chilling effect, that they may cut, or cancel, or withhold contracts to groups if they don’t like opinions that are expressed by people who might be associated with them… That’s not consistent with freedom of expression” – CAF Lawyer Paul Champ  (Finance your own “freedom of expression”, CAF – JG.)

Mother demands that Ontario require all restaurants, movie theatres and community centres to provide changing tables after incident over changing her child’s diaper on restaurant table – “As a paying customer and being a mother, I think that telling someone to leave a restaurant to change a child is treating them like a second-class citizen or worse”