“Nature / Environment / Critters” September 21st, 2015

Five items in total…

Russia: Soviet-era pesticide abuse has almost dryed-up the once-massive Aral Sea

“The increasingly salty water became polluted with fertilizer and pesticides. The blowing dust from the exposed lakebed, contaminated with agricultural chemicals, became a public health hazard. The salty dust blew off the lakebed and settled onto fields, degrading the soil. Croplands had to be flushed with larger and larger volumes of river water. The loss of the moderating influence of such a large body of water made winters colder and summers hotter and drier”

U.S.A: Federal appeals court strikes down EPA’s approval of sulfoxaflor pesticide because of the “precariousness of bee populations

Scotland: “Feline Immunodeficiency Virus” a new threat to already-endangered wildcats

Siberia: 126,000 year-old Woolly Mammoth skeleton find unusual; larger scale research planned for that area

Arctic: Melting Arctic ice – some caused by oil drilling – could release dangerous viruses