Military & Intelligence News – September 23rd, 2015

Eight items in total…

U.K: SAS soldier kills six ISIS terrorists with “automatic shotgun

China: Satellite imagery shows massive military build-up of Fiery Cross Reef – primary runway now almost 10,000 feet long

U.S.A: Report evaluating American and Chinese military capabilities indicates that “Asia will witness a progressively receding frontier of US dominance”

Russia: Plans to establish major air base in Belarus seen as a threat to Poland and the Baltic States

U.S.A: Pentagon’s re-evaluation of its old Cold War-era military plans intensifies as relations with Russia continue to deteriorate

Russia: Planes and troops being sent to boost military presence in Syria

Egypt: Does the interest in acquiring France’s “Mistral” amphibious assault vessels indicate long-term ambitions towards regional power?

U.S.A: Marine test results of women in combat “pretty bleak” – (Treating the military services as a “laboratory” for social engineering is just plain stupid, in my opinion -JG.)

Update (Sept. 23rd):

– France announces that Egypt has now purchased the two Mistral warships. Egypt already owns several Russian-made helicopters that were originally planned for use on Mistral vessels…