Justin Trudeau’s Liberals join race to “trash” White Canada

Liberals announce they will double family reunification numbers, speed up spouse permanent residency, and raise the age limit for dependants from 18 to 22…

It’s infuriating to see our political parties trying to out-do each other in a rush to sew up the immigrant vote at the expense of White, or “traditional” Canada.

Our foreign policy is often determined on the basis of internal voting repercussions, and our internal policies also pay homage to “multiculturalism” through affirmative action, together with subsidized housing, generous and easily-obtained welfare benefits, and other goodies.

And, of course, the days when it took five years of continuous residency to qualify for citizenship are long gone; an aggregate four years out of six is sufficient these days.

I wonder just how many more years of watching foreigners feasting on Canada’s generosity and goodwill will it take, before the people whose ancestors and race built Canada out of the wilderness say “enough!” and put an end to this dangerous and self-destructive foolishness.

We are rapidly running out of time.

Jeff Goodall.

Read “Trudeau pledges to double family reunification” (Toronto Star, Sept. 25th) here.

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