Muslims and the West – September 26th, 2015

U.S.A: Senator calls for long-term strategy to confront Jihadist Islam – “Islam cannot be fixed, it can only be quarantined…” 

Canada: The City of Mississauga’s “Living Arts Centre” hosted a conference calling for Muslims to not vote other than for candidates supportive of Shariah law, advocating the execution of anyone who leaves Islam, and supportive of a “global caliphate”

U.S.A: Republican candidate Ben Carson believes the Muslim religion is inconsistent with the US constitution

Germany: Arson attacks on immigrant shelters as citizens revolt against “a never-ending wave of Muslims moving in among them complete with generous welfare payments”

U.S.A: Shariah law versus the Constitution – Analysis – See also Poll: Most U.S. Muslims would trade Constitution for Shariah Law – “The Quran … should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth” (Omar Ahmad, a founder of the Council on America-Islamic Relations)