Military & Intelligence History – September 27th, 2015

Six items in total…

U.K: The “Tizzard Mission” delivered Britain’s top military secrets to America during WWII invasion fears – including early prototypes of the turbojet engine and atomic bomb

U.S.A: Civil War submarine CSS Hunley begins to take shape, over half a ton of encrustations now removed

Australia: The oddball, top-loading Owen submachine gun was used in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam

U.S.A: “Defence POW/MIA Accounting Agency” contractor helps search for thousands of war remains scattered from Pacific jungles to the European countryside

U.K: The Baker rifle was the first accurate long-range infantry gun that could be mass-produced

U.S.A: Another 9,000-pound Dahlgren rifled cannon is raised from the CSS Georgia