Niqab voting outrage – sign the petition!

Below is a cut-and-paste of an email message I received from Ezra Levant’s organization “The Rebel”. The ease with which a six foot tall man – posing as a woman in a niqab – was able to vote in Canada is utterly appalling. And to add insult to injury, Egypt – a Muslim-majority country – won’t allow women to vote unless they unveil themselves!

“…the law stipulates that all niqab-wearing women will only cast ballots if they remove the face veil while voting, for identity verification purposes. Otherwise they will be barred.” – Omar Marawan, spokesman for Egypt’s Higher Election Committee. (Link below).

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Message: “Last week we proved that anyone can vote in the Canadian election while wearing a Muslim face-mask called a niqab. Even our reporter, David Menzies, who is a six-foot tall man. We caught the whole thing on video, which you can see here. (1).

Well, over the weekend it got worse. Another reporter, Ilana Shneider, put on a niqab and went to vote at an advance poll. Like Menzies, she was never asked to remove her mask or show her face.

But – unlike Menzies – at no time was she even asked to show another piece of ID, or to swear an oath that it was really her.

You can watch the insane video of Ilana voting, right here. (2).

This is crazy. It’s part political correctness, part sharia law.

Just this month, the Muslim country of Egypt banned women from voting if they’re wearing a niqab. But here in Canada, we’ve normalized it.

We’ve got to fight back:

1. Forward this e-mail to all of your friends and family. Let them know what’s going on, and that the integrity of Canada’s election is in question.

2. Sign our petition, to require all voters to remove masks. See here, (3), or visit here:

It was bad enough that face-masks are allowed in citizenship court. Now they’re allowed in voting booths. This just has to stop. Please sign our petition now.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. Please forward this e-mail to five friends, and post the link to our website,, on your Facebook page.”

This is utterly intolerable, and I urge everybody reading this to check out the references provided, sign the petition, and encourage their friends and colleagues to do the same.

Jeff Goodall.

All the items identified as (1) through (4) can be seen on just two pages, here and here.

You can visit “The Rebel” here.

You can contact “The Rebel” via

Read about Egypt’s banning of niqabs in the voting booth here.