Obama “dithers” as South China Sea becomes a “Chinese Lake”

“That’s a potential problem since more than $5 trillion annually – or 30 percent – of global seaborne commerce now travels through the South China Sea; $1 trillion of that is American… Having waited years to address the issue, and possibly continuing to wait – as this White House does on so many foreign policy matters – doesn’t make it any easier. Indeed this waiting game has made it much more difficult and more dangerous.” – Dr. Peter Brookes, Family Security Matters.

I am posting this as a separate item in order to draw particular attention to the degree to which building artificial islands in this one-million-square-mile area of sea greatly increases China’s ability to challenge the U.S. on the world stage.

This is a well thought out analysis, and well worth the read. It also indicates the way in which vital – but otherwise “boring” – issues can be neglected to the immense detriment of the Free World.

Jeff Goodall.

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