Muslims and the West – October 23rd, 2015

Britain: A sick example of unequal justice – the rape of a White girl counts less than the rape of an Asian girl because they apparently “suffer more” than White girls would…

Sweden: Is now “the most dangerous country for women outside Africa” with an incidence of rape ten times that of its European peers. Sweden’s political leaders not only refuse to take action, but have made it a criminal offense to talk about it.

The process of Jihad: “They command immigration; then the forming of enclaves in the host country, then the eventual violent takeover of the host”

Sweden: Homes may be confiscated to accommodate “asylum seekers” – also, a thorough list of current crimes and terrorist activities…

Denmark: Younger Muslims becoming increasingly hard-line – 77% of Muslims now take the word of the Quran literally and believe that it’s teachings should be implemented directly – including commandments to “slay the enemies” of the religion

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