Military & Intelligence News – October 26th, 2015

Nine items in total…

U.S.A: “A petticoat military – comedy in uniform” – a humorous but sobering look at how American fighting capabilities are being dangerously undermined as standards are lowered in order to be politically correct and “keep the feminists happy”

China: The Yuanmeng airship has a volume of 18,000 cubic meters, a length of 75 meters and a height of 22 meters – it will be flow to 20,000 meters to test its control systems and near-space flight performance

Russia: High-tech equipment being used in Syria and Ukraine is forcing America to scramble to catch up – “They have companies, they have battalions, they have brigades that are dedicated to the electronic warfare mission”

South Korea: Korean Air Aerospace Division displays prototypes of new unmanned combat helicopter which can function as “a tailor-made (and cheap) scout UAV”

Russia: Submarines and spy ships aggressively operating near vital undersea cables creating concerns that they might be attacked in times of tension or conflict

U.S.A: 40 mm laser-guided missile has 13 times the range of standard M203 grenade launcher – “This new guided munition can provide the warfighter with precision, extended-range capability never before seen in a hand-held weapon on the battlefield”

Russia: New information warfare concepts used to “exert pressure and influence the behaviour of countries” in peacetime

Indonesia: May buy French-built Scorpene-class 1000 diesel-electric attack submarines to bolster its deterrence capabilities

China: New Z-11WB helicopter can “carry out ground support, attack, battlefield reconnaissance, command, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, counter-smuggling and other tasks” – may be used for Special Forces support


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