Federal employment discrimination against Whites continues…

“I could be twice as efficient (as my co-workers), have better communication skills … but, unfortunately, I was born white… This is discrimination towards me and (an) irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars” (Emphasis added) – Joe Bate, Canada Revenue Agency worker.

In his Toronto Sun column today, “White worker says Canada Revenue Agency discriminated against him”, Chris Doucette relates the story of a qualified White man who was unable to advance in his career because of the Employment Equity Act.

There is nothing new about the Federal Government’s blatant discrimination against White employees; in 2010, Sara Landriault attempted to re-enter the workforce after a nine-year absence. She found a suitable position on the Federal web-site, but was unable to apply for it because she was not an aboriginal or visible minority member.

She was quoted in the Sun as saying “I was flabbergasted… It was insane. I’m white, so I can’t do it?” (1). The following day, a follow-up story in the Sun started off by saying “The Harper government will ask for a review of hiring policies for government jobs after a QMI Agency report about race-based hiring policies” (2), and then-Immigration Minister Jason Kenney was reported as saying he was shocked; “I was very concerned to read the report of a position only being open to people from an identifiable group… All positions should be on the basis of equality of opportunity and merit.”

Interestingly, this article also tells us that “Hiring within the federal civil service is handled by bureaucrats; only the legislation and regulations are set by Parliament.”

And here we are now, almost six years later, and Joe Bate has been told he cannot be promoted into a position he is qualified for because he is of the “Caucasian persuasion” and thus the wrong skin-colour.

It would seem that little has changed, and I find it significant that Joe Bate’s union, PSAC/UTE (Public Service Alliance of Canada/Union of Taxation Employees), won’t support his grievance. It’s too bad the Ontario labour laws don’t apply, as he would then be able to hold PSAC to account for this presumably politically-based failure to provide him with “fair representation”.

Governments at all levels engage in this punitive anti-White discrimination. Below is a link to a column in which I posted the full text of an item by the American Freedom Party (it is no longer available on their web-site), which explores American government attitudes towards “affirmative action” also known as “equity hiring”.

Some two years later, in his column “Merit, not race: Discrimination in hiring practices has got to stop” (4), Brian Lilley (also the author of the two previous Toronto Sun articles), tells us that “Section 15.2 of the Charter states: “Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups.”

And, we are also reminded that by making adherence to anti-White discrimination policies mandatory for those who wish to provide them with goods and services, the federal (and other) governments can greatly extend the employment discrimination that White people face.

In August of 2012, Lilley wrote an article “Feds need to fix hiring based on race, sex” (5) in which he reviews his previous columns, and notes that nothing constructive has been done in the intervening period. And here we are now, coming up to Christmas 2015…

In my column “Legislation needed to end anti-White racism in government hiring” (6) I had this to say:

“Back in the 1990’s, then-Premier Mike Harris repealed legislation regarding ‘diversity’ or ‘affirmative action’ hiring. Whether the legislation that was removed either permitted or actually required hirings and promotions based on race or gender, I forget, but it didn’t matter – absolutely nothing has changed in the City of Toronto. ‘Human rights industry’ activists are so deeply entrenched in government personnel departments that the only way to bring a halt to this all-pervasive and viciously anti-White racist discrimination is to pass legislation expressly forbidding it.

Anything less than that is a complete waste of time.” (Emphasis in original).

Do you think Justin Trudeau will voluntarily do anything about this blatant anti-White discrimination? I hardly think so.

I will get back to Joe Bate’s case after the judge’s ruling has been released.

Jeff Goodall.

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