Immigrant flood: Europe should follow Australia’s example

“It’s now 18 months since a single illegal boat has made it to Australia. The immigration detention centers have all-but-closed; budget costs peaking at $4 billion a year have ended; and – best of all – there are no more deaths at sea” – Former Australian PM Tony Abbott.

The above quote is from a small RT news item reporting on a speech Abbott recently made at London’s Guildhall honouring the late Margaret Thatcher.

The simplicity, elegance, and sheer effectiveness of Australia’s approach is breath-taking. And unless Europe takes the same stand, it will inevitably dissolve into mongrelized irrelevance.

Current relationships and alliances not-withstanding, Australia’s long-term geo-strategic concern is Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, with a population of around one quarter of a billion. China may wax and wane as a potential opponent-antagonist, but Indonesia will always pose a more immediate threat simply because its massive population keeps expanding and needs somewhere to go – and Australia is nearest.

Nobody can describe and analyse things better than the people who have experienced them, and Tony Abbott does an excellent job as he reviews Australia’s heart-warming success in defending itself from illegal third-world invasion.

Jeff Goodall.

Read “Australian ex-PM urges EU to drop ‘misguided altruism’ & close borders to refugees” (RT Oct. 28th) here.