Occupied Territories – October 30th, 2015

Five items in total…

Israel’s culture of hate: “Israel has two systems of justice. It demolishes homes and revokes ‘Israeli’ citizenship of Palestinians accused of violence. But Jewish terrorists, arrested for burning alive a Palestinian child last year, are celebrated as heroes and continue to own government subsidised homes in Jewish colonies.”

Gaza Strip to become uninhabitable? “The social, health and security-related ramifications of the high population density and overcrowding are among the factors that may render Gaza unlivable by 2020” – UN Conference on Trade and Development report

Gaza City – Israeli forces shoot to kill – eleven dead and more than 200 injured

Separation wall extension protests as Christian Palestinians clash with Israeli forces – “You are stronger with your guns, but you are not the strongest when it comes to humanity” – Archbishop and former Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah

The “basic lies” behind Zionism’s “basic truths” – “The settlers there are heavily armed and live under the protection of soldiers, police and a racist two-tier pseudo-legal system which authorizes apartheid… Their lives on this land are only made possible by the brutality and illegal actions of the settler state”