Does “The Rebel” double as a propaganda vehicle for Israel?

I regularly receive email updates from “The Rebel” (1), usually signed by Ezra Levant or Brian Lilley. Today’s missive urges support for a petition in favour of selling off the CBC, something I have wanted to see for a long time.

Lilley writes as follows: “CBC published a story about our military being callous with civilian life in Iraq. The report was in the typical reputation-smearing tradition of the CBC’s reporting. But the problem of course is that the entire report was based on ‘maybe’s’ and innuendo.”

Anti-militarism is typical of the CBC, and I share Lilley’s objections to it. But when I clicked on the petition link (2), I saw the following headline: “Update: CBC lies about Israel, again – Sell the CBC!”

Continuing down, I further read “CBC continues to minimize the recent terror attacks in Israel. Through their biased choice of words and images, the CBC depict Palestinians as victims rather than perpetrators… CBC also hasn’t aired any of the widely available footage of Israelis being randomly attacked by knife-wielding Muslim terrorists.” (Emphasis added -JG).

My opinions regarding the Israeli military occupation of Palestine are clearly defined in my “Israel / Middle East” category, with particular reference to the “Occupied Territories” sub-category.

To my mind, the overall Israeli attitude and policy towards Palestine is perfectly demonstrated by National Security Council head Yaakov Amidror’s May, 2011 statement objecting to a return to the pre-1967 borders: “…those are borders that place our ability to defend ourselves in question and it would be a mistake to return to them… they are borders that leave too many Israelis outside of Israel’s borders and thus it wouldn’t be right to return to those borders.” (Emphasis added -JG)” (3).

I responded to Mr. Lilley as follows:

Although I support you and Ezra Levant in general, I cannot donate to an organization which sides with the Israelis in their brutal military occupation of Palestine.

In my respectful opinion, you would do well to keep your conservative initiatives and your lobbying efforts for Israel separate.

Jeff Goodall, Oshawa.”

It makes me sad that such a good conservative initiative (The Rebel), and such a worthwhile cause as selling off the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, should be smeared and besmirched by biased, one-sided pro-Israel propaganda.

I was on the verge of making a modest donation to The Rebel a few days ago, but did not do so because of difficulties using the donation page.

Just as well, as I so sadly just found out.

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – Visit The Rebel’s website here.

(2) – See the “sellthecbc” petition page here.

(3) – See “Top Netanyahu Aide: 1967 Borders Leave Too Many Israelis Outside of Israel” (Haaretz, May 22nd 2011) here.

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