Military & Intelligence History – November 9th, 2015

Eight items in total…

U.K: “Time-capsule trunk” containing fallen Great War officer’s belongings opened almost a century later

U.S.A: XB-70 Valkyrie bomber – weighing 230,000 pounds – was never developed for fear of vulnerability to Soviet surface-to-air missiles

Canada: RCAF helmet mystery solved after 70 years by determined Frenchman

U.S.A: The amazing true story of “The Eager Beavers” and “Old 666”

Canada: Veteran gets full recognition for those who made the landings on Sicily

U.K: The story of MI6’s top wartime double agent “Outcast”

Poland: “Corporal Wojtek”, the bear who carried ammunition, lived at the Edinburgh Zoo after WWII, made TV appearances

U.K: Home-made tag identifies remains – soldier finally laid to rest in France