Occupied Territories – November 29th, 2015

Just as a reminder, I always include “Occupied Territories” posts in the “Israel Lobby” category also, because I don’t believe that these disgraceful violations of human rights would be tolerated by the rest of the world were it not for Lobby propaganda, threats and smears. -JG.

Five items in total…

Israel refuses to meet E.U. representatives on Mideast peace issues because of ruling that goods produced in Israeli settlements must have special labels and cannot say they were made in Israel

Anti-Black violence in Israel invigorates solidarity between U.S. Blacks and Palestinians

“Arrogant militant fanatic Israelis embracing rapacious Messianic Judaism have been used by the Israeli government as the ideological advanced troops for colonial invasion in occupied Palestine” – the first paragraph says it all…

Israel continues to withhold the bodies of dead Palestinians – if the PA reneges on promises to prevent mass funerals, Israel will not return the remaining bodies and will bury them inside Israel

Disguised Israeli soldiers enter hospitals using false pretenses to kill targeted Palestinians – “The thuggish operations of the Israeli army match very closely the criminal behavior of the country’s political authorities”