Military & Intelligence News – December 1st, 2015

15 items in total…

China: Forces placed on alert after Japan says considering Maritime Self-Defense Force patrols in the South China Sea

Russia: State-of-the art air defense missile systems to be deployed to air base in Syria amid claims Turkish airspace was not violated

U.K: France and Canada asked for help looking for Russian submarine off Scotland – Britain recently scrapped its own specialist sub-searching aircraft…

Russia: Surveillance ship was looking to disrupt U.S. submarine monitors, not cut fiber optic communication cables as previously reported

U.S.A: Robot shallow-water submarine tracker gets “fifth-generation medium-frequency hull-mounted sonar system”

China: 10-year leasing agreement signed with Djibouti paves way for first base in Africa

France: First attacks on Syria launched from aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle following massive Russian attacks on ISIS

Russia: Cruise missile strikes kill over 600 ISIS “terrorists

General: Electromagnetic arms race begins as China develops new “rail gun”

U.S.A: May base two more aircraft-carrier strike groups in Japan

China: Aging tank destroyers to be replaced with anti-tank missiles and attack helicopters

Russia: Aircraft-carrier Admiral Kuznetsov towed to base after taking storm damage

General: Advances in modern weaponry have leapt straight out of science fiction films and into military reality – a look at ten futuristic weapons

Russia: Tupolev Tu-160 “Blackjack” bomber and Raduga Kh-101 stealth cruise missiles make their “combat debut” in Syria

U.S.A: Lockheed Martin AC-130J Ghostrider Gunship programme cancelled – the aircraft “exceeded the targeted angle of sideslip until it departed controlled flight