“Border and Coastguard Agency” reveals ultimate EU objective

“The European Commission wants to be able to deploy personnel from a new European Border and Coastguard Agency without, as currently required, the consent of the state concerned… any infringement of national sovereignty would be balanced by the power of a majority of member states to block Commission intervention” – Reuters.

I have always thought that any plans for world domination would require the establishment of new, “higher” governing entities with the power to over-ride the wishes of those countries foolish enough to agree to establish and support such power-centres. The United Nations is the obvious example, and the European Union second, accompanied by the other various entities established to govern the application of “free trade” agreements.

“World domination” is an issue for another day, but the sheer nerve of the EU Executive in setting up a group to handle sovereignty issues such as guarding national borders, and then wanting to have the power to send them into member countries without permission, indicates clearly where things are going.

And I tend to think the notion that “any infringement of national sovereignty would be balanced by the power of a majority of member states to block Commission intervention” is foolhardy at best. It will simply permit the more powerful, i.e. France and Germany, to stomp all over the less powerful, i.e. Belgium, Luxembourg, and Greece.

I have often thought that the U.S. is more likely to be occupied by UN forces in response to a national disaster or currency crisis involving mass starvation and civil disruption, than by any other means. If a U.S. President invites them in, America’s nuclear and military power will be meaningless. And a President such as Barack Hussein Obama assuredly would; he is no friend of “One Nation under God” – not our God, anyway…

The sovereignty-shattering terms and conditions of the recent massive trade deals also have the ability to cause immense grief – and it won’t be to the Third-World beneficiaries.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.” – Lord Acton. Let us never forget that…

And the sooner our politicians start disentangling us from these higher power-centers designed to eventually enslave us, the better. But with Justin Trudeau’s gross sellout to the phony “global warming” political power-grab in Paris just recently, we will continually be “at risk” until he can be replaced.

Jeff Goodall.

Read “EU border force plan faces resistance from governments” (Reuters, Dec. 13th) here.

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