Merry Christmas and an “enlightened” Happy New Year to all!

With no family in Canada I took it easy yesterday, and now it is time for me to wish all the best to my web-site visitors, be they friend, foe, police “hate-squad” members, or anyone else. At this time of the year, I wonder what I am doing, why, and is it worth it? But of course, I soon feel re-assured that it is indeed worth it! My web statistics are moderate, but they cover the globe, and my repeat visitors are loyal and many.

Some are probably keeping tabs on me, and I remember how, for the short period of time I issued my spreadsheet “The Challenge” in the early 1970’s, I could easily identify the police and other spies because they were the only ones who paid their subscriptions on time…

Direct contact with others through “” is sparse, and I prefer it that way. I learned during my “New Right” days, and before, that there is no shortage of certifiable loonies out there, and I have no wish to soil my hands with them. I would rather just offer information on the web covering the perilous times we live in, and the reasons why, than allow comments and thus have to spend time weeding out the nut-bars, cranks, mindless anti-Semites, and Nazi-worshippers.

And that’s before taking into account ‘agents provocateur’ such as Richard Warman…

My intention is to provide information to anyone looking for it, regarding the perils that we as a White, Christian civilization face, in hopes of inspiring them to action. Of course, that means spending more time hacking at the branches rather than the roots, but the simple fact remains that the average Joe Six-Pack is too busy earning a living and raising children to have much time for anything else.

And if “Joe” can be made to see the ills befalling the White race and the wonderful civilization it has created, the more inclined he will be to find time to research who it is that is doing this to us; Black crime and our staggering welfare and social services load is something he can see a lot more easily than “behind-the-scenes” powers and world conspiracy.

Once people realise that the vicious and occasionally obscene attacks on Christianity originate with Jews, and that the Jewish-dominated media and film industry are working feverishly to destroy the pillars of our society through massive third-world immigration and other means, and that the prime supporters of third-world immigration and “multi-cultural diversity” are Jewish organisations which simultaneously oppose non-Jewish immigration for the “Jewish State” of Israel, the more their eyes will open. And that is what I want, because without awareness, there is no hope for us.

And it is in this spirit that I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and an ‘enlightened’ New Year.

Jeff Goodall.