Gay & LGBT Agenda – December 28th, 2015

Five items in total…

Toronto: The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is “winding down” its Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic after complaints it was practicing “reparative therapy” – now deemed “unethical” by major international medical and human rights organizations

Manitoba: First transgender judge appointed

New York City: New guidelines on gender-identity discrimination in NYC require all individuals be permitted to use single-sex facilities (bathrooms, locker rooms) and take part in single-sex programs regardless of their anatomy, appearance or the sex indicated on their IDs


New York City: Discrimination on the basis of “gender identity” or “gender expression” to be banned – for example, “failure to use someone’s preferred name or pronoun, refusing to allow someone to use a gender-appropriate bathroom, stereotyping based on one’s failure to conform to practices associated with one’s gender and sex…”


Indiana: Lawmaker proposes bill that would make it a crime for transgender people to use public bathrooms and locker rooms that do not conform to their gender at birth – In July, the U.S. Justice Dept. said transgender students must be allowed to use the restroom that corresponds with their identity and failure to do so amounts to sex discrimination.

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