China to enhance stature by sending military forces to Syria

China is preparing to send thousands of troops to Syria, and has earmarked $30 Billion+ for post-conflict infrastructure rebuilding, according to an article posted by “” (1). This is a further humiliation for Obama, as Russia has already delivered serious, effective attacks against Bashar al-Assad’s enemies. The Turkish role in “enabling” Muslim terrorists to leave China for Syria is partly involved in this decision, and this brings yet another actor into an already complicated and dangerous situation.

The long-term implications for the West are serious indeed, as China will firmly establish its presence in Syria through cheap loans, trade ties, and through the goodwill earned by re-building Syria’s smashed infrastructure.

According to the U.K’s “Express” newspaper (2), “It was said China’s J-15 warplanes would launch from an aircraft carrier for attacks on ISIS.” Amongst other things, this will massively expand China’s standing and credibility throughout the world, particularly with the emerging nations, who will see China’s military prowess as vindicating its claim to be a credible ally and a strong, reliable counterweight to the U.S. as a sponsor and protector.

Iran is also lurking in the shadows, seeking an opportunity to advance it’s interests, preferably at the expense of the Zionist Entity and the Great Satan…

And let us not forget that Israel is behind this, through having its American lackeys do its dirty work at American sacrifice and expense. Lebanon was destabilized years ago, then Libya, and then Iraq. The game-plan is to eliminate the “strong-men”, thus reducing Israel’s neighbours to squabbling fiefdoms, rendered impotent by constant internal strife.

According to Global Research, “(Middle-East instability) must be understood in relation to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East. The latter consists in weakening and eventually fracturing neighboring Arab states as part of an Israeli expansionist project” (3). Thus, the war on Syria – and the danger it poses to world stability – can be considered part of the ongoing process of Israeli imperialist expansionism.

For whatever reason, Assad has managed to hang on, and there is now a credible threat of world destruction should any of the major players make a miscalculation, or get too cocky in their brinksmanship.

And in my opinion, President Obama, with his meaningless empty threats and gestures, has invited this grave situation by greatly lowering America’s standing and respect throughout the world.  Russia and China would never have been so bold when Ronnie Rayguns was calling the shots…

Watch this situation closely; it has a very nasty potential, and could become extremely dangerous on very short notice.

Jeff Goodall.

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