An ‘illogical’ verdict – National Post letter

The National Post has now published my letter to them, and I am waiting to see if the Sun, Star and Globe will publish my letters to them as well. I am very annoyed about this issue, and anxious to get my point of view across to as many people as possible. Here is the NP letter, which has been edited slightly:

“Re: ‘This simply cannot happen again’ Christie Blatchford, Jan. 26.
For Constable James Forcillo to be found guilty of attempted murder when the victim is dead, and especially when we consider that after Sammy Yatim collapsed from the first volley of shots, Forcillo resumed shooting at him again, is both illogical and disturbing.

To base a decision purely on the basis of the second volley of shots not having killed Yatim is to base a verdict purely on happenstance. If the first volley had not killed him, but the second one did, would the jury have found Forcillo guilty of murder rather than attempted murder? Regardless of when he died, what possible difference could there be to the degree of Forcillo’s guilt? There was certainly no difference in the outcome for Sammy Yatim. I hope the sentence reflects the facts of the shooting better than the verdict does.
Jeff Goodall, Oshawa, Ont.”

See the letter here, scroll down a little.

See Christie Blatchford’s article “This simply cannot happen again” here. This is from the link provided in the on-line version of the letter…