Gay & LGBT Agenda – January 27th, 2016

U.S: New York Supreme Court orders farmers to pay $13,000 for “sexual orientation discrimination” after they declined to host same-sex wedding

International Olympic Committee Guidelines on transgender athletes relaxed – “Surgery will no longer be required, with female-to-male transgender athletes eligible to take part in men’s competitions ‘without restriction’”

Canada: Many barriers broken in 2015 – “For the LGBT community, that means more openly gay, lesbian, and transgender officials in the federal government than ever before”

Britain: Anglican leaders decide to avoid split over homosexuality – LGBT advocates “outraged

Canada: University of Victoria announces the world’s first chair in “transgender studies” – “Transgender people are among the most disadvantaged in society today… we need to have solid research that will give us good data and good foundation for changing policies, for changing practices and for changing hearts and minds