Occupied Territories – January 30th, 2016

Just as a reminder, I always include “Occupied Territories” posts in the “Israel Lobby” category also, because I don’t believe that these disgraceful violations of human rights would be tolerated by the rest of the world were it not for Lobby propaganda, threats and smears. -JG.

Six items in total…

Human Rights Watch urges businesses to “stop operating in, financing, servicing, or trading with Israeli settlements”

Israel set to declare 370 acres of occupied West Bank land in Jericho as “state land” – the land is located north of the illegal Almog settlement and has been used by settlers “over the past 20 years”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his government’s support of illegal settlements “at any time” after settlers evicted by IDF

Jewish settler movement “has been growing like a cancer” – many of them are from the western world… “They are more radicalized than most Israeli Zionists who were born inside Israel…”

Ten years in Gaza – a tragic chronology

Palestinian home in Silwan demolished at 4:0am without prior notice – “Building permits are expensive and difficult to obtain for Palestinians… (as) the Israeli authorities have sought to increase the Jewish population in the city’s occupied east”