Random Quotations – January 31st, 2016

Five items in total…

All emphasis added by me – JG.

“The most important fact Pavlovian blacks refuse to realize is that being equal is not synonymous with special treatment; which is exactly what the majority of blacks demand. Some will claim they do not want to be treated differently even though that is exactly what they are demanding, i.e., to be treated differently based singularly upon melanin content… I was unaware that being black was a skill set that qualified one for awards. The problem with these people and those who embrace their contemptible heterodoxy is that they are not passing on nor are they encouraging merit-based achievement; rather they are enforcing halfhearted, low performance, dumb-downed, lowered expectations, with an increased dogmatism that skin-color trumps effort, ability, and performance.” – Mychal Massie, The Daily Rant – “Let’s Talk About Black’s History Month” Jan. 25th, 2016.

“It hurts… Why did this Trudeau guy do this when there’s homeless out there they could’ve helped, there’s needy people he could’ve helped, but he brought people over and – why don’t they start from the ground up?” – Garnet Fulton, evicted from hotel to make room for Syrian “refugees” as quoted in “Man evicted from hotel has no place to go” – Toronto Star, Jan 27th 2016.

“If we don’t stop immigration – this torrent of immigrants coming in – we’re not going to be America anymore because most of the people coming in have no experience with limited government. They don’t know what that is. They look to the government to solve all of their problems, and as soon as we have a high majority of people who think that, it’s going to be a different country.” – Phyllis Schafly – breitbart.com. Jan. 10th, 2016.

“Donald Trump is a leader. He produces results and is ready to get tough in order to protect American jobs and families. I have fought on the front lines to prevent illegal immigration… I know Donald Trump will stand with me and countless Americans to secure our border. I am proud to support him as the best candidate for president of the United States of America.” – Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona – wnd.com, “Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorses Trump for president – Jan. 26th, 2016.

“Charges of sexual assault against the former host of Q involve similar allegations of choking and hitting women without consent.” – Toronto Star, “Jian Ghomeshi trial: the case against the former CBC host” Jan 30th, 2016.