“Nature / Environment / Critters” February 5th, 2016

Eleven items in total…

Sweden: Entire mining town must be moved 2 miles to avoid being swallowed up

Ravens can “imagine” being spied on, exercise caution hiding food

Drones as well as dogs used to detect invasive species – “There’s way more technology involved than there used to be… we’re in a whole new world now”

Tanzania: Elephant poachers shoot down helicopter tracking them – British pilot killed

The world is “covered in plastic” – 5 billion tons of waste has contaminated our oceans and entered the food chain – “Plastic was found on the ocean floor, remote islands, buried underground in landfill sites and even in polar regions”

Amazon: The carbon-storing capacity of vast forests is being threatened by the over-hunting of large fruit-eating mammals

Venus Flytraps can count? – “the plant somehow keeps track of the number of times it’s touched, which allows it to react appropriately to its prey”

Florida: “High-stakes fracking bill” would ban local governments from passing ordinances to prevent fracking…

Montana: Climate changes mean that snowshoe hares can no longer camouflage themselves

Mexico: The National University of Mexico has designed a bio-filter using peanut shell micro-organisms – a great use for “worthless agricultural residue”

California: Ongoing drought threatens millions of trees – “California relies on its forests for water provisioning and carbon storage, as well as timber products, tourism, and recreation, so they are tremendously important ecologically, economically and culturally”