Donald J. Trump – as viewed by Mihael Willman

Immediately below this entry are two “guest columns” by Mihael Willman regarding Donald Trump and his run for the U.S. Presidency.

While I agree that Trump’s way of expressing himself and addressing others may leave much to be desired, the fact remains that, loud and ignorant though he may be, “The Donald” has shaken up U.S. political debate, and has brought many subjects previously censored for being “politically incorrect” into mainstream debate, where they can now be discussed freely and without fear.

In my opinion, that alone puts America forever in his debt. And as for him being President, I would rather see a foul-mouthed, aggravating and insulting leader of the Free World – one who who will secure the borders and restore America’s respect and strength in the world – than a politically-correct commie-socialist degenerate (Hillary Clinton, Bernie Saunders) who will flood White America with unwanted Third Worlders, and drive the U.S. economy straight into the ground through deficit spending and funding Israel’s imperialistic ambitions in the Middle East.

Plus, Hillary has already done immense damage to U.S. intelligence interests through her use of an unsecured personal server for her e-mail communications, not to mention the loss of life caused by she and President Obama in the pathetic mis-handling of the “Benghazi” incident.

That being said, Mihael has contributed many useful articles to this blog, and is very welcome to express his opinions here whether I agree with him or not.

Jeff Goodall.