Obama & America’s Decline – February 15th, 2016

Eight items in total…

U.S. power flowing from the dollar’s reserve currency status ebbs as more and more countries agree to trade in their own currencies and the Chinese Yuan achieves global acceptance

San Diego: “Bias-free language” manual tells city staff told not to mention the Founding Fathers and compares them to “the ‘N’ word” – The Pacific Justice Institute wants city to “reassure city employees that they will not be punished for being patriotic”

Public schools accused of “racism” as Black students are punished more often than White – “racial disparities” in who gets suspended or expelled can result in federal lawsuits and funding cuts

Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio will not deport 12 million illegals – but does want to “secure the border” first

Department of Veterans Affairs is disarming veterans by ensuring they are placed on the FBI’s criminal background check list

Obama’s Marxist agenda: “We are fast becoming a country cowering in fear of an uncontrollable, oppressive government”

Supreme Court backs out of hearing Constitutional “origination” arguments about Obamacare’s status as a “tax”

Will it be possible to “revive” American power post-Obama? – “Russia and China are more powerful and threatening than they were in 2008. Our friends and allies are confused and afraid. And our enemies are significantly emboldened