Military & Intelligence News – February 22nd, 2016

China: Deployment of powerful anti-aircraft missile systems to man-made “island” in South China Sea could create a “no-fly zone” for the U.S. – “…according to Missile Threat the Chinese developed much of the HQ-9’s technology from a Patriot battery Beijing acquired from Israel”  (Emphasis added -JG)

Russia: New “multicopter drone” fires anti-tank missiles or can carry flame-thrower – video

U.S.A: Decade-ago retirement of MX Peacemaker nuclear missiles has jeopardised U.S. nuclear deterrence abilities

Russia: North Atlantic submarine activity is returning to Cold War levels

U.S.A: DARPA announces “super-fast bird drone” capable of flying 20 meters per second while carrying a high-resolution camera, LIDAR, sonar, and inertial measurement sensors – video

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