Muslims and the West – February 24th, 2016

Beginning to fight-back, and things to watch for – five items in total…

Europe’s Civil War: “Europeans want to take their countries back from foreign invaders who are often criminals… After reports circulated that Muslim gangs had taken over Stockholm Central Station, two hundred Swedish patriots wearing masks descended on the area using force to remove Muslim terrorists”

Norway: Is the rapid growth of the “Soldiers of Odin” a good sign that people are waking up? – “This is undesirable. The police will maintain peace and order in Trøndelag and elsewhere in Norway. We have no need for this group.” – Trøndelag police chief Nils Kristian Moe. (As if! They likely grovel to political correctness, the same as police everywhere else -JG).

Will America submit to Islam? – some startling indicators of a worrying trend…

Why sensible people are bothered when women wear Hijabs – “when Muslim women begin to cover themselves, it is a visible signal of increasing orthodoxy”

Germany: Onlookers celebrate as arson fire severely damages hotel-turned-refugee shelter

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