Obama & America’s Decline – February 25th, 2016

Six items in total…

Donald Trump: They will try to kill him before they let him be president – “Don’t be surprised if Trump has an accident…”

Trump calls for Federal Reserve audit – Another reason for him to stay out of small planes?

Strong call for university courses in Western Civilization – “Instead of teaching students about the clashing opinions regarding morality, economics, politics, and faith that constitute Western civilization, many professors in the humanities and social sciences see their mission as inculcating in students the one true left-liberal view about contemporary politics”

Scalia’s convenient death – Why no autopsy? Why did Judge say he died of natural causes, despite not seeing the body?

Is Obama conceding leadership to Russia? – “The U.S. is looking less and less relevant” in Syria…

The CIA’s Brennan “has mandated ‘diversity and inclusion performance objectives for all CIA managers and supervisors and ultimately [for] the entire workforce,’ so that CIA personnel must weigh diversity and gender figures in making key assignments and senior-level promotions. Brennan’s plan also includes agency-wide ‘unconscious bias’ training”