Trudeau policy on Syrian refugees a threat to U.S. security?

“With Mr. Trudeau opening the floodgates to those whose politics clash with liberal democracies and whose stated purpose is to change our way of life rooted in a Christian Judeo heritage, Canadians are rightly concerned about the impact and possibility of 50,000 people bringing their old way of life and the grievances associated with it to this relatively peaceful freedom-loving nation – especially when as many as 94% of refugees prefer to stay in their own country and Canada can support 12 refugees in Lebanon for the same cost as they can support one refugee in Canada.”

The above quote is taken from the Jerusalem On Line March 13th, 2016 article “Analysis: Canada may develop into a security threat for the United States of America” by Shabnam Assadollahi.

This extensive report examines Trudeau’s immigration policies and the mechanics of how they will jeopardise American security, the ramifications of accelerated multi-culturalism in Canada, and grimly warns us that “Trudeau has won the hearts and minds of Canadian Muslims by joining the ‘maghrib’ prayer in Ramadan, defending women’s right to wear the niqab, portraying the Islamic values as Canadian, opening Canada’s doors to massive Muslim immigration and stating that his mission is to educate Canadians that Islam is compatible with Western secular societies like Canada.”

This is an important contribution to the debate on this issue, and I highly recommend it.

Jeff Goodall.

Read “Analysis: Canada may develop into a security threat for the United States of America” here.