Ever-anonymous “Anti-Racist Canada” trashes sincere patriots

Below is the text of a comment I just emailed to the ARC web-site in response to an attack on Charlene O’Farrell of “Canadians United 4 Canada”. I don’t know O’Farrell, and I am not going to commit myself for or against her. However, I was impressed by the honesty of her response to a prior ARC attack on she and her organization, and felt compelled to respond.

My belief that ARC is effectively a “collective of one” was bolstered recently when a lengthy cessation of postings was broken by an announcement that he/she/it had been hospitalized…

Normally I don’t have much time for ARC, but in this case my wish to stick up for someone who appears to be a decent type outweighs my desire to not jump into the sewer with the practitioners of the looney-left.

“Charlene O’Farrell wrote an excellent statement of her beliefs, and your pathetic attempt to dissect it indicates to me that your knee-jerk reactions result from an emotional commitment to far-left “political correctness”, perhaps acquired in much the same way that some people who have suffered severe emotional trauma in their lives commit themselves to the dictates of that entity sometimes referred to as the “sky fairy”. You criticize O’Farrells literacy? That is a reflection of our appallingly-low educational standards, and no reflection on her. Whoever you are, anonymous collective of one, you really need to get a life and address your emotional problems in a more constructive manner. Perhaps you should take off your blinkers and examine the very real issues that concern people such as O’Farrell, myself, and so many others; in doing so, you may discover a far better use for your abilities than the present drearily-predictive trashing of anything that doesn’t fit into your cosy, comforting little world of self-righteousness and smug superiority.”

Jeff Goodall.

See the ARC trash-piece on Charlene O’Farrell here.