“Nature / Environment / Critters” March 27th, 2016

Six items in total…

Canada: High number of male calves in a group of killer whales living off the coast of British Columbia is cause for concern – toxic environment to blame? Other species, such as seals, have shown similar trends when exposed to toxins…

Scotland: Experts concerned that endocrine-disrupting “household chemicals” could be harming women’s fertility and reproductive health

Canada: Hopewell Rocks provincial park flowerpot rock “The Elephant” collapses

General: University of Guelph professor suggests insecticide chemicals impair bumblebees’ ability to learn, affecting their ability “to pollinate both crops and wild plants…”

Scotland: Union Canal between Falkirk and Edinburgh to be dredged of silt for the first time in seventy years – “Boats can hardly pass each other, they cannot manoeuvre, and can’t reach the bank if they get into trouble”

Canada: Alberta environmentalists call for reduced linear footprint, strict limits on off-highway vehicles on public lands, and a ban on OHVs in parks and protected areas