Military & Intelligence News – March 30th, 2016

China: The search is on for additional overseas military ‘facilities’ following Djibouti base acquisition

U.S.A: Playing catch-up as Russian electronic warfare units pose ever-more dangerous threat to U.S. capabilities – Intelligence chief says “It is not a stretch to say that just about any capability that we have has the potential of being disrupted”

China: Preparing for the next big war – mobilization planning towards the top of the list…

North Korea: Evaluating the nuclear missile threat posed by Pyongyang – “very bad news“?

U.S.A: Iowa State University engineers develop “meta-skin” that can cloak objects by trapping radar waves –but – this project was “partially supported” by the “China Scholarship Council” – this Council “is the Chinese Ministry of Education’s non-profit organization that provides Student financial aid to Chinese citizens and foreigners to study abroad or to study in China…”