Military & Intelligence News – April 22nd, 2016

Seven items in total…

Sweden: Air Traffic Control systems deliberately crashed as Russia’s Spetsnaz GRU in Kaliningrad tests its electronic warfare capabilities – fears expressed for nuclear power plants in both Sweden and Germany

Russia: New German book suggests that Moscow is organizing special military units inside Germany and other Western countries that the Kremlin could use to destabilize these states in the event of a crisis – GRU using “sports clubs” as fronts

North Korea: Now has a 660lb miniaturised nuclear weapon – Senate warned long-range missiles “only a matter of time”

Russia: Advanced T-14 Armata tank already in serial production as part of a $400 billion dollar overhaul of military capabilities

Chinese intelligence operations against the U.S…

Taiwan-born Navy officer charged with espionage for allegedly passing military secrets to either China or Taiwan, possibly both – he was a signals intelligence specialist on the EP-3E Aries II reconnaissance planes

Chinese national pleads guilty to hacking trade secrets from US defense contractors – plans for transport and fighter jets targeted

Chinese citizen who is a lawful permanent resident of the United States charged with obtaining systems and components used in marine submersible vehicles at the direction of co- conspirators at Harbin Engineering University in China