Trudeau’s “melting pot” of collectivist totalitarianism

“Up to this point in our political evolution, it was understood that a primary role for a Canadian prime minister was one of nation-building. As a prototype, we can look to the founding of our country, whereby the fathers of confederation envisioned a federalist nation united coast-to-coast by the Canadian Pacific Railway… At present, however, we find our current prime minister desirous of negating the foundations of our national heritage. It is prudent to keep in mind that when a decision is made to eradicate a nation’s historical identity, something concrete will be required to serve as a replacement.”

The above quotation is taken from Paul Bradley’s article “Justin Trudeau and the dismantling of Canadian identity” posted by the Council of European Canadians on April 22nd (1).

I suspect that the reason for Trudeau’s seemingly inexplicable jettisoning of our past history in favour of – what? – can be found in Paul Bremmer’s article “Duh! moment: Islam incompatible with utopian diversity fantasies” (2), in which he adopts the suggestion by William Murray, Chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, to the effect that many leaders on the left have the idea that Christianity is about self-sufficiency and the values associated with capitalism, and that as Utopians wish to replace capitalism with central planning, they must first “dilute” Christianity, and one way to do that is by bringing to America multitudes of people from non-Christian cultures who don’t share traditional Judeo-Christian values.

This is both frightening, and devastatingly logical.

It appears that there are people in this world – and Justin Trudeau is one of them, together with Barack Obama – who are quite prepared to throw our culture, our religion, and our race – everything that we are, that we have been, and that we can be – into a vast, cosmopolitan, racially-mongrelized melting pot of collectivist totalitarianism.

The writing is on the wall, and our identity and our very souls will be lost if we fail to resist this deliberate act of genocide against we and our race.

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – Read “Justin Trudeau and the dismantling of Canadian identity” here.

(2) – Read “Duh! moment: Islam incompatible with utopian diversity fantasies” here.